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We partner with you to create a compelling user experience for your users to faithfully translate online your organization's business plan and aspirations.


Redesigning the NPR One App as an Appliance

How can this app work as a true appliance for the kitchen or car?
A case study in design process, content strategy, and
a surprise branding breakthrough.



Colophon 2016: State-of-the-art WordPress

Looking to build a quick WordPress site? Skip the usual frustrations with this colophon - a cheat sheet to create a lean state-of-the-art site.


Elements of Digital Design

Elements of Digital Design

Here's a handy visualization of how six elements of digital product development overlap each other to define six disciplines.



New Zealand Considers a New Flag

The nation of New Zealand recently considered a new flag. Outstanding graphic design ensued.


Rob's Required Reading

Daily headlines (and summaries!) on the process, technology, impact, and business of UX design. Ledes unburied. For more links, see the Links page, follow on Twitter at @BluSkyMinds, or try a reader to view the RSS feed.

Screens with Good UX

An ongoing curated collection of screenshots of web sites and apps with remarkable UX design. More: bluskyminds.tumblr.com

The Customer

"THE CUSTOMER is not dependent on us—we are dependent upon them.

THE CUSTOMER is not an interruption of our work—they are the purpose of it.

THE CUSTOMER is not an outsider to our business—they are a part of it.

WE are not doing them a favor by serving them—they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

THE CUSTOMER is the person who brings us their wants—we will continue to serve them to the best of our ability."

-- Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi cloth and cotton manufacturer, attorney, revolutionary (1947)
-- Kenneth B. Elliott, VP Sales, Studebaker Auto Co. (1941)