New Zealand Considers a New Flag

On a lighter note, the nation of New Zealand recently considered a new flag, an effort fueled by the desire to assert a post-colonial identity. Yet to the disappointment of flag change advocates, voters ultimately chose to keep the existing flag over the other finalist, the Silver Fern flag.


If our country was a car, what would our brand be?

To anyone who’s ever been part of a design selection committee, it’s not entirely surprising that a nation might fail to agree on a piece of collective art that would serve as a national brand and identity. Or agree that any change was needed at all.

Fire the Lazar!

Still, the national “project” yielded some excellent options, including my personal favorite, Fire the Lazar!, a laser-firing kiwi.


According to its designer, “The laser beam projects a powerful image of New Zealand. I believe my design is so powerful it does not need to be discussed.”

Final Five

The final five designs picked by voters in the lead-up to the final vote:


Serious Flags

For those taking the challenge seriously (if not conventionally), some outstanding graphic design ensued:


A Different Drum

Other designs from the complete gallery, well, went a different way:


Designing in Context Matters

Throughout the decision process, project designers created virtual waving flags to enable voters to see the flags in their natural context and try-before-they-buy.

My Flag Idea

Koru design in blue + 4 red stars):


Flags Must Wave

And, of course, the fluttering version via — wait for it — the Makesweet Flying Flag generator (thank you, internets!):


Apparently a windy day.